The world’s largest archipelago with over 17,000 islands and around 15% of the world’s coral reefs, Indonesia is a diver’s dream come true. Over 4000 different species of fish, approximately 25% of the planet’s species, call Indonesian waters their home, along with immaculate natural marine structures, a kaleidoscope of aquatic flora and a veritable rainbow of age-old coral.

Pipe fishes and seahorses roam through patch reefs, sheer walls an barrier reefs as magnificent schools of tuna, shoal and barracuda glide through the open sea, amongst sightings of manta rays and sharks. Once in a while, you may catch a rare glimpse of the dugong, a relative of the manatees, and even sperm whales, which exist under the exemption of the International Whaling Commission.

Experience the splendours beneath Indonesian waters with Dive Station trips to:
Bali, Raja Ampat, Manado, Komodo and Pulau Weh.

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